What Others Are Saying...

Laura W says
I lived in Boulder in the 1990s and I think I was one of your early purchasers. I am using one of the first wrap-n-mats I bought today for my sandwich (it's 2019). Still love them. Glad you all are still making more!
Kari A says
I bought our first wrap n mats when my daughter entered kindergarten, she is now a sophomore and we are still using our original two plus 2 additional we purchased when my 8 yr old son entered kindergarten. They have held up great! Fantastic product!
Debbie P says
I bought several of your wrap-n-mat sandwich wrappers when you were selling them through reuseit. That must have been in the late 90's or early 2000's. While they are not used daily anymore, we continue to use the original 2 that we bought (so pleasantly surprised that the plastic has not worn through or cracked) and have given a few others as gifts, including to our kids when they became adults and started living on their own.
Nancy K says
I purchased the wrap n mat from a retail store several years ago and have been using it faithfully for my packed lunches. I have cut through the plastic insert and washed it several times and it still is holding strong. Thank you for such a great product.
Tiffany G says
I bought my original wrap from World Market in 2012 when my daughter entered kindergarten. I was astonished how many plastic bags we were using and was very dismayed at the cost and the carbon footprint we were making. When I saw this on the shelf I thought I would give it a shot. 5 years later I am still using the original one I purchased and completely hooked! It is so easy to use, clean, and store that my friends are very envious! There have been many other moms that have enquired how to purchase them also. Alas, we do not have anyone close in SLC, UT anymore. It is absolutely genius! Thanks!
Melissa S says
I visited my sister in Texas about 5 years ago and she gave me one of hers that her kids used. I ordered more shortly after arriving home from the trip and have been using them ever since that to use them and they are colorful!
Renee R says
we've been using ours for years. thinking of doing a school fundraiser. great product!!
Robyn B says
I just received a wrap-n-mat as a gift. I packed a sandwich in it on Monday evening which I did not end up eating until Thursday lunchtime. I am SUPER impressed on how fresh the mat kept it!! I have tried other re-usable sandwich bags in the past and did not find them to keep food fresh. I will most definitely recommend your product to family and friends. It is great!
Narcy J says
I have owned the Grande, Grande Pouch, wraps and mini pouch for years now. When I purchased pouches from competitors of Wrap-N-Mat I didn't get the same multipurpose use and convenience I was seeking from them. Here is my YouTube testimonial showing why I love Wrap-N-Mat:
Emily G says
I can't imagine lunch without my wrap-n-mat. It is so easy to wash, so helpful and effectve, and has definitely decreased my carbon footprint. I use my wrap-n-mat every day and it has lasted for years. And of course, it is always getting complements! Thanks wrap-n-mat for this fabulous product!
Cynthia H says
I've used your wraps for years, I love them. I've washed the by hand and air dried. They hold up, bit time too upgrade. Thanks for the small pouches for chip & such.
Rob G says
My girlfriend bought me wrap-n-mats, now my sandwiches are so fresh every day! There need to be more manly designs but the Unicorn design has worked well for me so far!
Stephanie M says
LOVE our Wrap-N-Mats! They are perfect for packing school lunches. My daughter gets to express herself a little with the cute unicorn designs and I get peace of mind knowing I'm not using yet another disposable plastic baggie. Her Mats protect her food and when she opens it at lunch, it's just as fresh as when I packed it. Super easy to clean and adorable to boot. LOVE!
Kim M says
This is an amazing product! I have had 3 of the wrap n mats for years now (probably 3 or 4) and they are durable and easy to wash! My boys use them everyday for their lunch. I love them! I just ordered 4 more!
Megan H says
I first discovered wrap-N-Mat in 2007 when a classmate in one of my college classes was using it. I bought one for myself and for each of my family members. I used it for years, and then went away to the Peace Corps and like many other things, I lost the Wrap-N-Mat in moving all over. So this Christmas, being that I am back in school as a graduate student, I asked my family for a replacement- and I got the new and improved version! Everyone in my MA program is so impressed with my handy wrap-n-mat, I'm gonna have to get a few for their graduation presents! They are such a hit and make so much sense! I was so happy to see Wrap-N-Mat is still around and doing so well! The design is a little bit fancier than I remember but I love it just the same :) Thanks Wrap-N-Mat!!!
Maureen D says
I personally use and love the Wrap-n-mats and use them for both my and my son's lunches.
Marguerite B says
I found a couple of your wraps while travelling with my daughter, and I was very impressed with them. I think they would be perfect for taking out on the boats, or for camping; or whenever you have to pack a lunch.
Dianne S says
We received the wraps. Thank you; everyone loves them. Thank you for working with us and being so accommodating." Cranford Schools
Jennifer M says
I love our wrap n mat. I bought one for my son as he entered Kindergarten. He packs his lunch every day so that is a minimum of 180 plastic bags I've kept out of the landfill! Plus it makes a nice little clean space for him to eat his lunch. I just ordered another one as an extra. Well made, nice quality. Every school kid should have one of these.
Katie H says
I have been using the original for 5 years, I always get compliments. I finally decided after all this time to check out the website again, oh yeah... I will be purchasing again!! I love how they fold, other products are like a ziploc bag, LAME. These fold awesomely, must have!!!
Adriane W says
We've tried MANY green alternatives to plastic sandwich bags but these ROCK! Not only do they fit all types of bread and fixings, I LOVE that all the "extras" I add to our meals on the go are not on an additional napkin or (gross!) table. These are perfect!! Additionally, the customer service is fast, individualized and professional. Thanks!
Samantha L says
I use mine everyday for lunches and EVERYONE comments on them. Great conversation starters, great way to save money and eliminate waste!
Emily W says
I love my wrap-n-mat and love supporting a local, Colorado company! Have given many of my own mats to friends when they comment how much they like mine. I think I'll have to keep a stock of pouches and mats for little gifts. Thanks for an awesome product!!
Chris F says
I received mine as a gift and it has been my primary sandwich wrap for the last year. Everyone at work asks about it. It's a great product.
Christina P says
I have two of the original wrap-n-mat and I love them so easy to use, and clean. And the most important thing no more plastic Ziploc bags in the land-fields.
Josie B says
What a wonderful product. It has been a great way for us to help the environment. We make our sandwiches, slip them in the wrap and mat and I have a clean area to eat on. I recommend this to all my friends and co-workers.
Mike O says
What a great way to empower both kids and adults to be more eco-friendly! Save the planet, buy a Wrap-n-Mat!
Thomas V says
I have to add my positive accolades for the wrap-n-mat. I had been doing the paper towel wrap to avoid using plastc and then saw your product at a Meijer. I got 4 and we love them.
Donna A says
I think these are great! I've been using them for about a year now and love them. My bread doesn't get dried, and my sandwich tastes great...even after in the refrigerator all day at work. I love the gingham print because I feel like I am at a picnic...and oh boy...I get a lot of comments (all positive) by my co-workers about how they look.."Oh look at you, you are having a picnic." I always reply, "Why, yes I am." It's great to not use plastic bags all the time. Thank you for this great idea!!!!!
Amy C says
Four years later, our wraps are still going strong -- I finally ordered new ones just for a change of pace! Thanks for a quality product!
Julene S says
I love this product! The pouches are great! I am going to have to order more since I found so many uses for them.
Tiffany R says
Love them
Kristen K. says
I am telling all my friends about you. We had to go for 5 days without a mat and I can’t tell you how much both my son and I missed it. Loving your product.
Heather W. says
I was happy to see your new snack pouches at the website. I will look for those at McGuckin Hardware in Boulder, where we purchased our Wrap- N-Mats.
Kari L. says
Thank you so much! We've enjoyed using our mats and have received many compliments. We love them and are impressed with the customer service.
Kelly M. says
My family has been using your Wrap-n-mat products for a while now, and we love them. We are all very concerned about the environment...
Eddie G. says
Fair Price, Fast Shipping, Quality Product. Thanks!
Felicia B. says
I just wanted you to know how much my family enjoys your product! We have been using them for 2 years now and have significantly reduced the amount of bags we use!
Karene B. says
am so glad you offer fundraising support. I love your products and want to use it as a learning opportunity with our local school... so much education to be provided.