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Keep the table germs away from your
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The WRAP-N-MAT Story

As a mom of four, I knew there had to be a better option than plastic baggies. In today's world, I am so proud to offer a food wrap that opens flat converting into a place mat. Keep germs away by eating on something clean and washable. WRAP-N-MAT, Inc has been providing Wraps and Pouches for over 20 years to individuals who want a more eco-friendly to the original packed lunch. When I started making Wraps in 1997 "Being Green" wasn't even a slogan. Hopefully in the future, using plastic baggies will be something of the past as well. I thank you for your business and support.

Bonnie Smith, Founder/Inventor of WRAP-N-MAT

Excited to get shopping? We understand.


I lived in Boulder in the 1990s and I think I was one of your early purchasers. I am using one of the first wrap-n-mats I bought today for my sandwich (it's 2019). Still love them. Glad you all are still making more!

Laura W says

I bought our first wrap n mats when my daughter entered kindergarten, she is now a sophomore and we are still using our original two plus 2 additional we purchased when my 8 yr old son entered kindergarten. They have held up great! Fantastic product!

Kari A says

I've used your wraps for years, I love them. I've washed the by hand and air dried. They hold up, bit time too upgrade. Thanks for the small pouches for chip & such.

Cynthia H says

I visited my sister in Texas about 5 years ago and she gave me one of hers that her kids used. I ordered more shortly after arriving home from the trip and have been using them ever since that to use them and they are colorful!

Melissa S says

Why Choose WRAP-N-MAT


Schools save up to 40% plus all fundraising orders, over 30 units, receives fress shipping within the United States.